You'll find that our beer is shockingly familiar, yet offers a defiant twist on traditional styles and recipes.


LITTLE REBELS - India Rye Ale.

Slight floral notes, subtle spice and hints of bitterness are brought forth from a balance of rye malt and Amarillo hops.

5.7% abv

SIMPLE SMILES - A crisp Cali Clean Ale, this is your Dad's beer... with a hint of citrus tartness.  

5.4% abv


Delve into the darkness.

A rich roast flavour, balanced by molasses and slight bitterness.

6.6% abv


TERROIR - Discover "Terroir" - 

1 Recipe - 2 Breweries - 2 Yeasts

An Irrational Brewing/Longroof Brewing Collaboration Saison

*Irrational Terroir - Pineapple Peppercorn

Big pineapple flavours with a nice hint of spice, balanced by the yeast esters.

7.0% abv

*Longroof Terroir - Soft-Fruity-Plantain

A soft mouthfeel followed by fruit and banana esters with high carbonation to round it out.

6.1% abv

GLIMMER OF HOP - Refreshing and sociable, highlighting Cascade hops, this could easily be your go to

Pale Ale.

4.9% abv

ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GOLDEN -  Pleasant bitterness is highlighted by elements of ripe grapefruit, stone fruit, and soft spice.  Paired with a Golden malt backbone, this one is sure to please

any IPA fan.

5.8% abv


BRASS MONKEY - Just in time for Brass Monkey weather, we brewed up a dark amber, to ease us all into the inevitable temperature decline.  

Amarillo and Autumn.  Yum.

5.1% abv


YE OLDE LOCAL - This Dark Mild is a traditional English Ale.  Light and malt forward, the subtle caramel flavours add that little hint of sweetness.

4.1% abv

BANG A GONG - The second Trinity Series IPA is back, due to popular demand! This pleasantly assertive pleaser uses the Holy Trinity of Hops (Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic) and features Norwegian Kveik yeast.

6.4% abv


APT. A-9 - Kveik yeast provides a tropical and tasty orange punch in this funky Pale Ale that treads in waters as murky as its haze.  Refreshingly Defiant.

5.4% abv



With our ever-rotating taps, there's always a reason to keep coming back to see what's new in our taproom.