You'll find that our beer is shockingly familiar, yet offers a defiant twist on traditional styles and recipes.


MOONS IN RETROGRADE - Notes of tropical tangerine and a sticky grapefruit finish highlight this aggressively whirlpooled and dry hopped Hazy Pale Ale 

5.6% abv

SHADOW PUPPET - Dark Farmhouse.

The rhythmic beauty of the anecdotal darkness against the backdrop of a flickering warm glow.  Soft chocolate & spice.  Come dance with the Shadow Puppet.  

6.6% abv

LITTLE REBELS - India Rye Ale.

Slight floral notes, subtle spice and hints of bitterness are brought forth from a balance of rye malt and Amarillo hops.

5.7% abv

SIMPLE SMILES - A crisp Cali Clean Ale, this is your Dad's beer... with a hint of citrus tartness.  

5.4% abv


Delve into the darkness.

A rich roast flavour, balanced by molasses and slight bitterness.

6.6% abv


TERROIR - Discover "Terroir" - 

1 Recipe - 2 Breweries - 2 Yeasts

An Irrational Brewing/Longroof Brewing Collaboration Saison

*Irrational Terroir - Pineapple Peppercorn

Big pineapple flavours with a nice hint of spice, balanced by the yeast esters.

7.0% abv

*Longroof Terroir - Soft-Fruity-Plantain

A soft mouthfeel followed by fruit and banana esters with high carbonation to round it out.

6.1% abv

GLIMMER OF HOP - Refreshing and sociable, highlighting Cascade hops, this could easily be your go to

Pale Ale.

4.9% abv

ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GOLDEN -  Pleasant bitterness is highlighted by elements of ripe grapefruit, stone fruit, and soft spice.  Paired with a Golden malt backbone, this one is sure to please

any IPA fan.

5.8% abv


BRASS MONKEY - Just in time for Brass Monkey weather, we brewed up a dark amber, to ease us all into the inevitable temperature decline.  

Amarillo and Autumn.  Yum.

5.1% abv


YE OLDE LOCAL - This Dark Mild is a traditional English Ale.  Light and malt forward, the subtle caramel flavours add that little hint of sweetness.

4.1% abv




With our ever-rotating taps, there's always a reason to keep coming back to see what's new in our taproom.