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Longroof Brewing was founded in 2019 by two long-time friends, beer aficionado’s and business partners who, along with their families, are now finally living their dream of brewing craft beer and sharing it with the world. 

Why Longroof? Well, for those unfamiliar with the term, Longroof is slang for a station wagon. We all have memories of family road trips in a Longroof station wagon, piled high with blankets, pillows and snacks for the road. As kids, there was nothing but space in the back, to stretch out and enjoy the thrills of the journey and the delights in every stop along the way. No plan? No problem! Just freedom, fun and adventure… no seatbelts required. Back then, it was just as much about the trip as it was about the destination. For all of us, the images conjured up by those memories translate into the new memories that we want to create together, with our three families and the new friends and families we meet along the way.


We cannot wait to share our beer and our adventure with you!

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